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We compete in the Fairfield County Babe Ruth District (District I) which is made up of teams from Westport, Wilton, Fairfield, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Trumbull, Bridgeport and Stratford. We will field teams in two brackets, Prep and Majors. 
Prep Teams are for those making the move up from Little League to the major league-sized baseball diamond and those who played on a Prep team in the spring and want to remain with a Prep Team. These teams compete in the Fairfield League against similar-aged and experienced players. For some 7th and mostly 8th Graders this will be their first experience playing on the bigger field with Big League Rules. It is meant to be a competitive program but there is a greater allowance for teaching/coaching.
Majors Teams are for 14 and 15-year old boys (older 8th graders, freshmen, and age-eligible sophomores) with at least one season playing Babe Ruth. These teams also play in the Fairfield league with older, more experienced players. These are competitive teams playing in a competitive league. Incoming freshmen who plan to try out for the Freshman Team in the spring should be playing at the Majors level.


About Advanced Travel Baseball In Weston


This program is designed to offer our HS players (16 +) a homegrown competitive travel program to advance their individual and team skills. The foundation of the program is a positive and encouraging environment to enhance our players growth. This offering is crafted to focus greater time on individual player development while offering a competitive game schedule. We also utilize professional development to help teach a sound mental approach as well as advanced strategic and situational play.

Our core mission is to offer a Weston program that provides our community players a local path for successful long term engagement with the game.

For the Prep Teams our objective is to create an instructional league with competitive play. The focus is on improving basic baseball skills and adjusting to play on the larger field. In the Majors there is less focus on basic technique and greater focus on developing situational awareness - the role of each player at each position in game conditions. We try to help the boys get better at a game they love and prepare them for High School baseball.
We do not make cuts and look to put together competitive teams. Your sons are entering the stage in baseball where position specialization will occur, especially in the Majors. Usually by the end of the season each boy has a primary position that he plays regularly and a secondary position that he plays occasionally. There are no rules that dictate that a player play a minimum number of innings in the infield. Some boys because of their abilities will become natural outfielders and may not play in the infield during the season.
As a heads up, playing time throughout the season becomes more meritocratic as well. All kids who show up for practices and games will get a chance to play, however, you may start to see that on a team with 13 boys - 5 of them play the whole game while 4 play the first half of the game and 4 play the second half. We play with real baseball rules - including substitution rules - so kids cannot play every other inning as in Little League.
At the Prep level we use a continuous batting order so all boys who show up for the game will bat, provided they have met each coach’s requirements for attendance at practice and on-time arrival on game days.
In the Majors the batting order is 9 plus an Extra Hitter, at the coach’s discretion. Batting as the Extra Hitter is considered an important role and in the coaches’ eyes is considered playing time. Substitution in the field also means substitution in the batting order.


If you have any questions, please contact Bob Barasch, or Scott Miller,