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Return To Fields Covid -19 Safety Protocols

Game/Practice Guidelines


- Anyone experiencing symptoms associated with Covid -19 must stay home.

- Players must have on their person a face covering to be worn when 6 ft social distancing is not possible.

- There will be no sharing of equipment or water bottles.

- Players will be required to bring their own hand sanitizers to all practices and games.

- No physical contact is condoned including high fives and handshakes.

- Players will hang their gear bags spaced 6 ft apart along the outer fencing.

- Players will not have use of dugouts or bleachers and can bring their own portable seating if desired when off field.


All Spectators / Fans and Parents

- The number of spectators is contingent on the total # of players, coaches and umpires. The total individuals allowed at the field or facility will not exceed 100 in total unless state mandates are modified.

- Non immediate family spectators must socially distance while at the Revson complex.

- Spectators are required to wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible.

- We suggest that spectators bring hand sanitizer and wipes to games.

- Spectators are not permitted to use the bleachers and should bring their own portable seating if desired.


Weston Coaches Roles

- All coaches will maintain a minimum of 6 ft from baserunners and fielders.

- All coaches will wear face coverings when social distance is not possible.

- Coaches will exchange lineups by text or email prior to game start.

- Home coaches will share covid-19 safety protocols with visiting teams prior to game day.

- Coaches will receive covid-19 safety protocols for road games prior to game day.

- Hard surfaces and high touch areas to be sanitized after use.



- Required to wear face coverings at all times on field.

- Umpires will avoid the transfer of equipment to coaches and players.


Game Play Rule Modifications

- Mound visits will be a minimum of 6 ft by either the catcher or manager.

- Coaches will sanitize game and practice balls before and after use.

- Each team will utilize their own designated game balls while on defense.

- Coaches will supply their own hand and equipment sanitizer.

- There will be no physical contact to include high fives and postgame handshakes.